Friday, September 13, 2019

Cultural Anthropology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Cultural Anthropology - Essay Example Therefore, this essay is going to understand and appreciate the legacy of Tom Harrison who is credited for bringing transformations to the study of cultural anthropology. Additionally, this paper delves into the numerous studies conducted by Tom Harrison and his team and succeeding publications and monographs (Bodley 43). Furthermore, the discussion analyzes his videos in terms of scientific and empirical input in producing objective works that have interested people in the field of cultural anthropology. In the field of cultural anthropology, Tom Harrison is a revered figure who transformed the field until his demise in 1976. With many publications that include papers and monographs in respected scientific journals, the anthropologist loved for walking barefoot during his researches is an indelible mark in anthropology. For instance, the videos detail many of his groundbreaking academic researches that range from studying people, cultures, traditions and customs among others in orde r to understand the link between culture and existence. However, his studies on the inhabitants of Melakula in the New Hebrides propelled him into his seminal book: Savage Civilization that was generated from the study. Another endearing trait that makes him an icon in the cultural anthropology was his ability to integrate both scientific and empirical methods of research (Bodley 48).

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