Monday, September 9, 2019

Globalization and the Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Globalization and the Environment - Essay Example There is also an element of double standards because most of the global corporations operating in developing countries belong to the west (Kwong 21). The author recognizes the positive impact of globalization as far as environmental development is concerned. Globalization promotes free trade. In an environment of free trade, a country is free to choose a trading partner and the best ways of exploiting her resources. Globalization promotes development of institutions that advocate efficiency in production. Such institutions design laws that protect environment in a business world. Globalization promotes competition amongst global firms, which invest in innovation and efficiency in production. Efficient technology promotes environmental conservation and sustainable growth. The curve is U-shaped and shows a positive affiliation between economic expansion and environmental dilapidation, for example, pollution, before the curve’s turning point. From the turning point, there is a negative relationship between pollution and economic growth and development. The curve is important because it shows the important of globalization as far as environmental development is concerned. I support the author’s arguments. This is because they explain the real situation in the global economy. For example, in the developing countries, economic growth increases with the increase in pollution. On the other hand, pollution within developed countries decreases as the level of development increases. This is because companies adopt innovative technology in production, which enhances environmental

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