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Female or Male Teachers – Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay on male and female teachers In deciding if female teachers are better than male teachers, number of discussions and arguments for and against the topic should be examined. As the advancement in learning and education increases more qualified and experienced teachers are needed. These qualified and experienced teachers can be males or females but the question that whether female or male teachers are better still remains unanswered.The argument shows the point why there are more female teachers, advantages of male and female teachers and whether female teachers are better than male teachers. As a group more females are drawn towards careers like teaching. Taking example of a pre-school or elementary school a 2006 study shows that preschool and elementary school children are taught by 75 percent more female than male teachers.Historically, there have always been more women than men going into the education field. In 2006, the National Education Association released m en accounted for less than 25 percent of all teachers in United States public schools. The National Education Association survey showed that more men than women stated that salary is a significant factor in them pursuing other, often more profitable careers than teaching. Still there are many advantages of a male teacher.Teacher Cadet EssaySome studies show that boys learn more from male teachers, boys were less likely to be seen as disruptive in a class with a male teacher and male teachers are more likely to include games and competition in their teaching methods. The advantages of a female teacher include many aspects as well. Girls learn best from female teachers, women often teach in ways that may fit girls better such as sitting at desks and using worksheets for learning. More female teachers than male expect a quiet and orderly classroom, which girls appreciate.In the middle and high school years, students will probably have a few male teachers. Both males and females bring d ifferent approaches and techniques to learning styles. Experiencing both male and female teachers may be best for students so that they can experience the advantages that both genders bring to the classroom. But still many students may have contradictions to how male teachers teach and that many students may not be able to express their views to male teachers so most students end up being educated by primarily female teachers. -Arhama Kamran Female or Male Teachers – Argumentative Essay Argumentative essay on male and female teachers In deciding if female teachers are better than male teachers, number of discussions and arguments for and against the topic should be examined. As the advancement in learning and education increases more qualified and experienced teachers are needed. These qualified and experienced teachers can be males or females but the question that whether female or male teachers are better still remains unanswered.The argument shows the point why there are more female teachers, advantages of male and female teachers and whether female teachers are better than male teachers. As a group more females are drawn towards careers like teaching. Taking example of a pre-school or elementary school a 2006 study shows that preschool and elementary school children are taught by 75 percent more female than male teachers.Historically, there have always been more women than men going into the education field. In 2006, the National Education Association released m en accounted for less than 25 percent of all teachers in United States public schools. The National Education Association survey showed that more men than women stated that salary is a significant factor in them pursuing other, often more profitable careers than teaching. Still there are many advantages of a male teacher.Teacher Cadet EssaySome studies show that boys learn more from male teachers, boys were less likely to be seen as disruptive in a class with a male teacher and male teachers are more likely to include games and competition in their teaching methods. The advantages of a female teacher include many aspects as well. Girls learn best from female teachers, women often teach in ways that may fit girls better such as sitting at desks and using worksheets for learning. More female teachers than male expect a quiet and orderly classroom, which girls appreciate.In the middle and high school years, students will probably have a few male teachers. Both males and females bring d ifferent approaches and techniques to learning styles. Experiencing both male and female teachers may be best for students so that they can experience the advantages that both genders bring to the classroom. But still many students may have contradictions to how male teachers teach and that many students may not be able to express their views to male teachers so most students end up being educated by primarily female teachers. -Arhama Kamran

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Masque of the Red Death Reflection

The Confliction on the Page In the short story â€Å"The Masque of the Red Death†, by Edgar Allen Poe, the main conflict is the â€Å"Red Death† arrives at Prince Prospero's Masque, and kills everyone. At Prince Prospero's ball the guests in attendance all partied in a castellated abbey which had seven rooms in which the party was held. During the middle of one of the festivities a strange figure came into the room and the bold energy and hype immediately died down to the point of where you could here a pin drop on the floor.At this point the red death has entered the room but nobody knows it yet, Poe writes,† The figure was tall and gaunt, and shrouded from head to foot in the habiliments of the grave. † (Poe 87) This shows that the people in attendance do not know it is the red death yet, until they see the first sign of the Red Death's presence n the people, which angers the prince. When the prince discovers that it is the red death, he pulls a dagger fro m his belt and follows the corpselike figure through the rooms to the last unlit room, the one that had drapes of black velvet.The prince attempts to stab the ghoulish figure but his plan is foiled: â€Å"†¦having attained the extremity of the velvet apartment, turned suddenly and confronted his pursuer. There was a sharp cry-and the dagger dropped gleaming upon the sable carpet, upon which, instantly afterwards, fell prostrate in death the Price Prospero. † (Poe 88) the reader then sees that the prince died due to him being foolish rather than him getting the Red Death disease. The red death then sickened the whole group and everyone dies. This shows how the Red Death was the main conflict in the story due to the fact that it keeps killing everyone.

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Teens and Sex

Persuasive Essay Teens and Sex Word Count: 871 Revised Persuasive Essay Teens and Sex The sexual activity of adolescences in America today is a critical issue that seems to be growing rapidly. With the mass media promoting almost every aspect of sex, teen sexuality has become one of the most important issues in our society. As society has entered into the age of â€Å"sexual revolution† in the twentieth century, children have grown more susceptible to the idea of sex. Regardless of parental guidance and educational programs, teenagers are still very curious.Curiosity about sex and sexual activity is natural, but the lack of concern for consequences and irresponsible activity is dangerous. The increasing issue of adolescent sexual activity could have a powerful affect on their future, which includes sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), teen pregnancy, and even emotional instability. Curiosity about sexual activity is natural, but is the act normal in adolescents? Researchers h ave revealed that teenage sexual activity can expose new levels of intimacy; therefore, valuable lessons may be learned and different perspectives may develop, necessary for the understanding of the act.This knowledge becomes practical later in life when meaningful lifelong commitments arise (Zorn, E. , 1998, July 20). Sexuality is complicated amongst adolescents, yet the knowledge about love, respect, and the experience may result in wiser decisions as adults. The fact is adolescents are looking to the adults in their lives for guidance, restrictions, and values. Teenage sex is normal; however, sometimes the act is a mistake and could change a life forever. This year 3 million sexually active teens, approximately 25%, are infected with a STD.About one-quarter of all new cases, occur in teenagers (Mayer, B. , 2005). The statistics indicate that sexual transmitted diseases infect over 8,000 teenagers everyday. STDs in sexually active teenagers produce astonishing statistics, which sh ould be used in every phase of the educational process. With statistics at hand and deadly viruses on the rise, teenagers and their educators need to concentrate on the studies that are available to them. In 1994, the Journal f the American Medical Women's Association conducted a study which illustrated that, out of 25 reporting states, 193 teens between the ages of 15 and 19 had contracted the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or better known today as the HIV virus. The same study was conducted again in 1998, with the same 25 reporting states and showed that 418 teens had contracted this fatal virus (â€Å"A Really Scary Adolescent Worry: HIV. †, 2001, August 6). This particular study demonstrated that the number of infected teens had more then doubled within a four-year span.This article is a freighting source that could keep teens consciously considering their decisions regarding sexual activities. There is a concern with not only STDs but also a concern for â€Å"kids raising kids†. Sexually active adolescences take a risk of becoming parents themselves. Teen pregnancy can complicate a young girl’s future hopes, dreams, and goals. A young girl who has a child before graduating from high school is less likely to complete school than one who does not have a child (Annie E. Casey Foundation, 2002).Anyone without a high school education in today’s society will find that obtaining a job with good wages and benefits is difficult. Young parents often have to depend on the means of others for the help needed in raising their children. Whether the support needed is financial or emotional, someone has to compensate for the mistakes of kids having kids. Social welfare, a government-funded program, can be an alternative for young parents with financial barriers. Looking at the broader spectrum and statistics, we may find that American citizens are likely to pay for the undereducated and underprivileged adolescences with children.Society needs to protect teenagers from the risk of premature parenthood, and we need to protect the children they would struggle to raise. In addition to its role in promoting teen pregnancy and the current epidemic of STDs, early sexual activity is a substantial factor in undermining the emotional well-being of American teenagers (Rector, R. , Johnson, K. , & Noyes L. , 2005). Sexually active teens have an emotional instability, which could be one cause of teen suicide increases.Most sexually active teenagers have a sense of regret in their decision to have intercourse with the majority wishing they had waited until they were older. Depression amongst sexually active teens could have come from the thought of multiple partners, a STD that they had contracted, or an abortion a young girl had to go through. There is a variety of causes for depression in teens, but sexual activity is one cause that with education, parental guidance, and abstinence could be reduced. Sexual activity in adolescences is an essential concern that society needs to address.With the masses behind the promotion of sex and the miscommunication about sex to teenagers gives society a task that seems impossible. Educational programs that promote contraception are not enough with teenagers’ intense interest. Contraception will not prevent the physical and psychological effects surrounding sexually active teens. Several ways to limit sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancies, and emotional instabilities in adolescents today is not only powerful parental reinforcement and intense sexual education programs, but also encouraging the idea of abstinence.When exposing all three preventative elements, adolescents should become more aware and reluctant to their sexual surroundings. References Annie E. Casey Foundation. (2002). The facts of teen pregnancy: An overview. In M. H. Immell (Ed. ), Greenhaven Press, 7. Retrieved December 1, 2005 from Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center database. Maher, B. (2005). Ab stinence is the best message for teens. In C. Watkins (Ed. ), Greenhaven Press, 1. Retrieved December 1, 2005 from Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center database. A really scary adolescent worry: HIV. 2001, August 6). U. S. News & World Report 131, 6. Retrieved December 1, 2005 from Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center database. Rector, R. E. , Johnson, K. A. & Noyes, L. R. (2005). Sexually active teens are more likely to commit suicide. In J. Woodward (Ed. ), Greenhaven Press, 10. Retrieved December 1, 2005 from Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center database. Zorn, E. (1998, July 20). Premarital teen sex is normal. In T. L. Roleff (Ed. ), Greenhaven Press, 15. Retrieved December 15, 2005 from Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center database.

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Extreme sports Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Extreme sports - Essay Example The public perceives that individuals who take part in such sports are not only irresponsible but also burdensome to the society. Despite the fact that extreme sports being unappealing to the public, there are a significant section that find these activities as fulfilling in their lives. It therefore, indicates the difference and diversity of the society since to some degree every individuals has some degree of adventure though this tends to differ since some require extreme adventure for fulfillment. Some these individuals are referred to as T types who are often stimulated by hazardous activities. However, the T type individuals go beyond those who participate in extreme sports as it encompasses the best entrepreneurs and inventors among other who have influence the progress of the society to a considerable extent (Mountain, 2006). Unfortunately, the T type behaviors are prevalent to poor social habits such as drug abuse, gambling et cetera. However, the dangers of these are increasingly becoming a challenge that need to be addressed. Several participants have sustained serious life threatening injuries and on some occasion these activities have caused death of individuals. It is strange to believe that organizers and sponsors of such sports and activities invite participant to participant in these events by luring them with cash without taking interest in either the safety or the health of the participants (Pell, 2013). Pell, D (2013). The Crash Reel. Dir. Lucy Walker.   HBO Documentaries. 2013. Documentary. The History of Winter X Games: Part 1.  Snowboard Magazine. Retrieved on 19th May 2015 from: Mountain, B (2006). Living on the Edge: Extreme Sports and their Role in Society. Retrieved on 19th May 2015 from:

Women's Liberation Coming Out of the 19th Century Research Paper

Women's Liberation Coming Out of the 19th Century - Research Paper Example that ideology to help provide a socially acceptable avenue of refuge for other young women like her who felt trapped but did not wish to become ‘fallen women.’ Beecher struggled to find comfort in her religion after her fiance was lost at sea, but was unable to relinquish her sense of self and self-will (Sklar, 1973). She moved to Hartford, Connecticut and opened up new schools designed to benefit girls and providing women with additional acceptable life options outside of marriage. Her tracts, books and lectures were intended to make her less threatening to men and women who felt True Womanhood was the only natural and right social arrangement (Sklar, 1973). Her efforts provided women with a sense of self-respect and paved the road for future female activists such as Francis Willard. Francis Willard also worked from within the cult of True Womanhodd to help bring other women into a more public sphere by focusing attention on the expected responsibilities of women within their 'natural' role within the family. According to Amy Slagell (2002), â€Å"Willard knew that by recruiting, organizing and energizing interested women to being their work of transforming the world as she believed they were called to do, women would come to a new awareness of their power so that not only would the outer world be transformed, but the women themselves as well† (23). She introduced the Home Protection argument to the Women’s Christian Temperance Union â€Å"as a wedge argument, a way to break through the walls of prejudice an ‘average woman’ would likely bear toward suffrage and women’s political work† (Slagell, 2002: 10). According to Flexner, she took a â€Å"shrewd† approach; â€Å"a series of tangential moves, in the course of which women †¦ were gradually led to understand... The Women’s Liberation Movement as we know it today emanated from two different ideological sources and continues to promote two widely different points of view. Feminist issues are multifaceted, so it is unsurprising that the approaches to remedying these issues are often contentious and inadequate. Feminists don't always agree on the recommended solutions and not all of the needs of women have been met. Women and their ever changing lives cannot be placed in specified categories nor can the answers to their specific needs be found in theories. What all feminists should recognize is that the overall goal of leveling the playing field for everyone is a never-ending effort. There are very few absolutes in attempting to find the correct answers to the human rights debate as engaged by liberal and radical feminists. Both groups claim that the opposite view subverts their common goal of gender equality. At its core, the women’s movement that was touched off by feminist thou ght more than a century ago through the modern movement of the 1960s and continuing even today has successfully addressed equality and human rights issues for women.

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The European Union is often referred to as an international Essay

The European Union is often referred to as an international organisation sui generis (of its own kind). What makes the European - Essay Example Therefore the EU is primarily regarded as a supranational organization since it requires the transfer of some measure of sovereignty to the organs of the EU. Moreover, many decisions made by the EU are enforceable irrespective of member state cooperation and coordination.4 For example, in Cassis de Dijon the European Court of Justice ruled that a member state could not impose qualitative restrictions on goods from another member state.5 Moreover, in Kramer, it was held that where the EC had competence in a policy area, the member state could not act on its own accord.6 Thus the ECJ has ruled against the exercise of state sovereignty in giving force to the idea of a supranational EU. It has also been argued however, that the EU is nothing more than an example of regional integration since much of the political and economic integration networks within the EU, like all other regional organizations, depend on Member States’ voluntary compliance.7 In this paper it is argued, that a lthough the EU may share some similarities with regional and international organizations, it is substantively different and can best be described as a supranational organization and is the only one of its kind. The most important differences between the EU and other international organizations is the concept of shared sovereignty. From its inception, with the implementation of the Treaty of Rome 1957, the founding of the European Economic Community which only constituted 6 states, was an agreement in which each of the states â€Å"agreed to limit, but not totally transfer national sovereignty† in terms of â€Å"economic policy to a set of common institutions†.8 By virtue of the Treaty of Rome 1957, Member States agreed to common economic policies and the removal of trade barriers.9 While this alone would have made the founding arm of the EU similar to the World Trade Organization, the Treaty of Rome went farther requiring the establishment of a European Bank, policies for increasing employment and an amalgamation of transport and agricultural policies.10 In addition, sovereignty was transferred from among the Member States in terms of keeping with the common market principles to a Council of Europe, a Commission and a Court of Justice.11 With more states joining the Community, the Treaty of the European Union 1993 was signed in 1992 and is also known as the Maastricht Treaty which â€Å"absorbed the former† Community.12 The new Treaty (which has been amended to further clarify the functioning of the EU, by the Treaty of Lisbon 2007) went beyond economic union and added a pillar of political and legal union among the Member States.13 The Maastricht Treaty established a European Parliament and a Court of Auditors which expanded on the institutions developed by the Treaty of Rome 1957.14 In addition, the Maastricht Treaty established citizenship of all citizens of Member States.15 This aspect of citizenship not only cedes some measure of sove reignty to the EU, but also sets the EU apart from any other

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The Ethical and Regulatory Issues of the Business-To-Consumer Site Case Study

The Ethical and Regulatory Issues of the Business-To-Consumer Site - Case Study Example There are some important factors that you must make all of your IT team aware of prior to the startup of the business-to-consumer site. These issues are legal, ethical and regulatory in nature. Awareness of these issues is imperative for all IT workers and significant to the content of the site. Due to the significance of these issues and the need to maintain your reputation in good standing. I have prepared a meeting to explain and discuss the following issues with the entire IT Team including Senior Manages.The points to be addressed at the meeting are; †¢Ethical issues in marketing, B2B + ethics, marketing standards for advertising ethics B2C site compared to a B2B site. †¢Ethics and B2B, legal, & ethical issues. E-business Ethical Issues & Concerns. †¢What are Internet ethics and B2B marketing and advertising ethics in B2B and B2C? B2B legal, ethics, regulatory ethical and legal issues with websites B2C & B2B. The Internet is a growing and continually evolving creature that will live on in perpetuity. As such, it would be wise to ponder the e-business legal and Internet marketing ethical issues of b2b b2c. Whatever is written and published online will be there forever. Imagine the billions upon billions of text information pages that are and will be stored for a long time. There is even a site where you can go Way Back to check out archives of other websites and view pages that were created at the beginning of their infancy. Additionally, video, films, movies, and audio in various applications formats are also viewable. Please make all members of your team aware of the meeting and the issues that will be addressed: Meeting: Monday, August 3rd 9:30v AM Location: Conference Room F 3rd Floor It is important all IT employees attend.

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Consumer law coursework Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Consumer law coursework - Essay Example e time and make claims under the Sale of Goods Act based on various possible ways to resolve the issues based on the circumstances and on what they want to be done as provided for in the implied terms section 12 of Sales of Goods Act. According to the case, Bowes v Richardson & Son Ltd, the buyer was held by the Courts entitled to reject a new car seven months after delivery based on various car problems some occurring immediately after delivery and others months later. The Court held that the buyer had never had the opportunity to fully assess the repairs made on the car as so could never be held to have accepted the goods. Such case law authority is a precedent for Peter’s iTablet and Patrick’s TV cases. They both have their rights against the retailer and not the manufacturer and hence a claim is valid to make against Trusted Electricals and Aptab R Us. On the hand, Peter can make a claim on goods sold on hire purchase not through Sales of Goods Act but via the Suppl y of Goods Implied Terms Act 1973 that makes the Hire Purchase Company responsible for the quality of the goods supplied and offers him slightly different rights. Patrick is also protected under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 to decide on the best way possible to end his agreement in his cases against Barcpeds. On the first occasion, Patrick purchased a 42 inch television for his living room from Trusted Electricals. The Television was defective and also had a consequential loss as it overheated and damaged his expensive wallpaper. In order to advice Patrick, there is a need to investigate whether the sign his attention was drawn to was available at the point of purchase and that he was told about it before the acquisition. The researcher believes that Patrick was never told of this sign at the point of purchase and thus his demands are valid as required by section 13 subsection one (sale by description) where there is an implied term that the good correspond to the description. Patrick should be

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Strategic Marketing in Uncertainty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Strategic Marketing in Uncertainty - Essay Example The modern approach to marketing activities is changing its emphasis from the traditional marketing mix (product, price, place, and promotion) to the conception of relationship marketing. The practicability and flexibility of the relationship marketing approach have led to the rapid evolution of this concept in the modern marketing activities. Veloutsou et al. (2002, p433) also assert that, "it is currently acknowledged that RM represents a paradigm shift in marketing". Relationship marketing approach emphasises on mutually beneficial relationships between the organisation and the other members of the environment so as to create long-term ties among these groups. Gronroos (1994, p355) posits that relationship marketing "is to establish, maintain, and enhance relationships with customers and other partners, at a profit, so that the objectives of the parties involved are met. This is achieved by a mutual exchange and fulfilment of promises". Hence, relationship marketing focuses on fostering the mutual relationship of an organisation with its customers, suppliers and other firms in order to meet the objectives of all the parties as they enter into an exchange with the company. In the modern dynamic environment, companies are no longer seen as indifferent from the influence of other parties in the market viz., the customers, suppliers, competitors etc; rather the modern companies need to interact with all these parties in order to maintain long-term relationship chain that is bound to satisfy all of them. This is what was found to be lacking in the traditional approach of the marketing mix. Andersen (2001, p167) illuminates that, "marketing practitioners and scholars are abandoning the marketing mix approach as it does not justify the complex interaction and information exchange processes between organizational buyers and sellers". In the simplest form, relationship marketing has gained popularity as a post-modern approach to marketing over the traditional concept of 4Ps because of its ability to rationalise the existing interaction and relationship of a company with other members of the environment. The fact that makes relationship marketing more helpful for marketers is the approach of creating a bond between the seller and the buyers. Not only the seller but also the buyers take active part in fostering this relationship with each other. Company nurtures this association by satisfying consumers every time, while the buyers enhance this relationship by making repeated purchases. On the other hand, the traditional marketing mix relies on the seller's part to conduct marketing activities. Gronroos (1997, p327) emphasises this point as that, "the marketing mix makes the seller the active part and the buyer and consumer passive. No personalized relationship with the producer and marketer of a product is supposed to exist, other than with professional sales representatives" Another important aspect of relationship marketing paradigm is that it is flexible enough to be beneficial for the company in all conditions prevailing in the

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Managing Business Organizations Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Managing Business Organizations - Assignment Example Your organizational culture is a key component of a person's willingness to become a part of the organization. Business politics starts with the gain of power within the firm. Avoiding politics in your organization can have negative effects. Successful management means to understand the importance of managing employees at all levels through leadership and influence, using strategies to convert your foes into your friends and Manage power and politics at levels. Managing communication is a very important role of all managers in the 21st-century work field. Nowadays with the increasing diversity and ever growing technology being able to communicate with the people in the organization and having a continuous and smooth flow of information is vital for the survival of the organization. (Source: Decision-making steps help you to make the appropriate decisions with the information available. This process helps you figure out how to solve business problems, choose the best course of action to take, the consequences of decisions and the importance of individuals in the organization. (source: In businesses, managers should now prepare themselves how to handle an increasingly diverse workforce and work effectively across globally. Multicultural Environment exists when people from all backgrounds work together, share knowledge, understand and cooperate with each other. (Source:

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A view from a bridge work book Essay Example for Free

A view from a bridge work book Essay Dear Miss Fisher, I have finished reading a view from a bridge put notes on the power point sheets however I then looked back on it realised it was illegible! So I wrote it up here, is that ok Im sorry for the inconvenience, it wont happen again. Sorry again, Daisy 🙂 A view from the bridge. 15th September. Research tasks: Who was Arthur Miller? Find autobiographical information about the playwright. Arthur Miller, playwright from New York, became a journalist, worked with Italian immigrants during WWII. Which gave him an outlook Into the Sicilian dreams inspiration for A View From The Bridge. Millers first play flopped, but his second; All My Sons was a massive success. He divorced his first wife in 1961 married Marilyn Munroe, the reason for this is unknown as apparently they were never really in love divorced in 1963, it is thought Monroe married him for intelligence milled married Monroe for beauty, Miller then wrote a play After The Fall that is thought to be based on their relationship. Miller died in 2005. Which other plays has Arthur miller written? Do they have any common themes? After The Fall, The Prince, The Archbishops Ceiling, The Clock, Broken Glass, All My Sons, Death Of A Salesman, Crucible. A common theme of Arthur Millers play was the examining of an individual in relation to their authority; this means the plays are often considered political. Where is Brooklyn? What was it like in the 1940s? Who lived worked there? What sort of environment was it? Whats it like now? Brooklyn is a borough of New York; in the 1940s it had a large Italian population due to the ports near the bridge. Brooklyn was split in two it had the middle class areas such as Flatbush working class areas like Red Hook, the setting for A View The Bridge. In the mid to late 1940s Brooklyn was enjoying a good period the gang violence was, all though easily noticed, small. As Brooklyn reached the end of the 1940s the borough began a period of decline by the early 1950s gangsters were ripe until the 1980s it was classed as a bad place to live. People from all over Europe lived worked in Brooklyn it also had a large African-American community. Brooklyn now has a safer cleaner track record with very little gang violence a large business district the 3rd largest in New York State. Which groups of people immigrated to the United States in the 1940s? What was life like for them when they arrived? The main groups of people immigrating to the United States in the 1940s were European, particularly Italians Russians. When they first arrived life would be tough they would usually leave their homelands with nothing have to find jobs work quickly so they could live out their own American Dream. Find out as much as you can about Italian-American communities Which television programmes films include Italian-American characters? How do they talk? Is this community stereotyped? What values can you identify in this community? The most famous film on Italian-Americans would probably be Scarface a movie based on Italian-American gangster Al Capone, the Italian-American community is stereotyped as a very tight family, which it represents in gangs or mobs, the Italian-American dialect is varied through out Brooklyn, Bugs Bunny has an accent based on the Flatbush dialect. Wikipedia Italian Americans are higher in the rate degree of the tensing rising of (oh) (aeh) than that of Jewish American New Yorkers. The values of the communities of Italian Americans seem as though they all run everything as a family business, a tight knit friendship group. What is a tragedy? Find out the main features or conventions of this type of play. Make sure you go right back to Greek tragedy. A Greek tragedy is a form of art portraying human suffering causing audience pleasure this form has been modernised to usually end a play in a death where all characters end in despair, or worse off than they were at the beginning. Alfieris first speech. What have we learnt about the people who live in Red Hook? We have learnt from the opening speech from Alfieri that Red Hook was the slum of Brooklyn the gullet of New York, Red Hook is portrayed as very violent with no care for the law, but it is now ore civilised getting better, people are no longer as scared as they were, as Alfieri says: I no longer feel the need to keep a gun It shows Red Hook at one time was extremely intimidating bad but now much better. Alfieri goes onto mention how his relatives often tell him not to get involved with cases, this shows the Italian-American-tight knit-family-like-ness how his business seems to be everyones business. What does Alfieri mean when he says justice is very important here? When Alfieri says justice is very important here he is using a bit of sarcasm he is commenting on how people do feel justice is important but their own personal justice not the governments justice. How people can commit murder believing it is all right because of there own justice. However you feel a sense of irony as he is a lawyer speaking he is discussing justice that he may well deal with in court. The fact he is a lawyer also shows there is work for lawyers in Red Hook so some sort of governed justice is important. Now the people settle for half instead of using a gun for justice, what does that mean? Alfieris comment now the people settle for half is commenting on now that Red Hook has been cleaned up a bit his services a called on more although it means the person against the allegations may not be killed he will be brought to governed justice possible face prison. Eddies story is not like the petty troubles of the poor. Why might he come to see Alfieri? Eddies story is not like the petty troubles of the poor because we realise through out the book that aside from the immigrants in his house being illegal, they have actually done nothing wrong although his allegations against Rodolfo being gay are also wrong, it is not illegal to be gay. Alfieri also deals mainly in family squabbles, evictions compensation cases, but Eddies is different because its more about jealousy revenge.

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Expressing Global Linkage with Hope Essay Example for Free

Expressing Global Linkage with Hope Essay My chosen major is Global Business. This major trains us to develop skills in management in a global perspective and further enhance these skills in trade, competition, and investments. It entails learning patterns in international and global business specifically on the terms of imports, exports, monetary relationships, and direct investment. The specific skills learned in this major are: setting a mission and vision for the global business enterprise; developing a global business plan; conducting research in an international environment; understanding the nuances of cultural, legal, political and regulatory differences; and using technology to support global trade. By entering into a career that in inline with my major, I believe that I can be an agent of change in this country by following the example of Martin Luther King. I believe that in whatever career you undergo, if you have a pure heart and if you are willing to help other people, you can do it in your chosen field. The act of being in service to humanity doesn’t only involve going to third world countries and feeding children; helping people doesn’t mean that you donate a large amount to an organization; helping people comes from a person’s initiative and will. Being in service to humanity is a choice and it is not awarded to the richest person in the world or to an ambassador. People mostly think that helping others entail helping the poor people only. I believe that this is a misconception. Being in service to humanity entails being an agent of change to humanity. I believe that I’m my chosen career, I would be able to tap a portion of society that has been neglected of change and of help not financially but morally, emotionally, and spiritually. After graduation, my career would entail me to interact and work with people all over the world. My opinion on the logistics and success of their company in a certain place would be a great influence in their decision making. Normally, business is equated with bribery, biases, discriminations, pride, and money. A businessman’s ultimate goal is always to have profit and find ways to have more profit. I want to change the techniques of people making business. I believe that I could be in service here to be able to change the long established techniques by providing businessmen with new and fresh techniques that would suet the businessmen’s goal but not harm other people. When being a middleman for a millionaire’s business, one might be blinded by money and would find ways on how to cheat the businessmen and get more money out of him. By being grounded and remaining a God fearing person, I would want to change this. Another example would be removing discrimination in the workplace. Certain people have their own biases about location, other people, etc. , and I would personally want to change that by giving equal opportunity to people in need of work. Basically I would like to be an agent of change in this field and change the perception of businessmen that they only need to worry about profit; I believe it’s time that they start thinking about other people also benefitting from them.

Effects of Down Syndrome on Overall Well-being

Effects of Down Syndrome on Overall Well-being Effect of Down Syndrome Researcher finds out the strength and weaknesses of children with Down syndrome and comparison with normal children. This study compared Down syndrome child and typically developing children on cognitive ability across five aspects of child development which are language, self-help, gross motor, socioemotional and fine motor. Researcher found that Down syndrome children they perform significantly worse in the language if compared to typically developing children. The primary finding in this study is language is the most difficulties for kids with Down syndrome due to abnormal cognitive development would negatively affect language learning and acquisition (Haikal, S. 2012). The findings for the four development aspects are self –help, gross motor, socioemotion and fine motor. The result shows that Down syndrome score lower than normal children. It shows positive finding in this study may due to the children with Down syndrome they receive early intervention in their early childhood. The findings were supported by previous researches, which noted that children with Down syndrome may get considerable progress if under the efficient and appropriate intervention and training, even achieve to the typically developing level, such as motor skill, socioemotional ability (Haikal, S. 2012). Although children with Down syndrome they developmentally delayed in many aspects, but they will perform better if they receive early intervention program (EI). A longitude and descriptive written report, which compared children with Down syndrome experienced with early intervention programs (EI) and without early intervention program confirmed the positive result of early intervention to children with Down syndrome (Haikal, S. 2012). The outcome indicated that kids with Down syndrome under the EI program have significantly higher scores on intellectual and adaptive functioning than those without early intervention. Down syndrome children they get well record and good impression from the community. They also did better on socioemotional assessment. Previous research shows that Down syndrome children usually experience more or less difficulties in self-care activities, such as grooming. There are some similar results found in this study that children with Down syndrome performed quite worse on self-help tasks, which may due to the younger age of this study sample. The performance of self-care activities were shown more related to the fine motor skills required. The self-help skill at school-aged children with Down syndrome found that over half of them (59.7%) needed no help with self-care tasks, which mean the self –care skill can improve with increased age (Haikal, S. 2012). On the other hand, Down syndrome people show poor on social interactions with others. People who face social skill deficits can contribute to isolation from friendships and peer interactions and can limit further opportunities to improve social skills. Social skill deficit is problematic because it will lead to negative experiences and avoidance of social interactions (Hajar, B. 2012). Some of the research show that improving children with Down syndrome’ social skills can offset the growth of more serious maladjustment. In the process of socialization, the kid will learn the right attitudes, skills, values, and behavior so that they will able to role play in the society. The answers demonstrated that social skills’ training is effective in the socialization improvement in Down syndrome children and this improvement was maintained over a 2-month follow-up period (Hajar, B. 2012). This study showed social skill training, increasing the ability positive relational behavior with the people with Down syndrome. The researcher also found that social skills training effective to better social behavior adjustment in adolescent. In the intervention group, it appears a model of social skills and appropriate ways to approach various situations of children with Down syndrome. These models will teach new behaviors to children and it also will correct an inappropriate behavior that the children have. Students with disability who acquire good social skills, and show more favorable in terms of social behavior, have more positive self-concept, and this leads to the understanding of their limitations and capabilities to better ways (Hajar, B. 2012) . Thus, it is necessary to consider social skills training to all students, especially students with mental retardation who have trouble in passing along with peers. Obviously, appropriate social skills training and providing opportunities and experiences will increase their social interactions, and causes the students to apply strategies and social skills in all environments and real life situations (Hajar, B. 2012). Developmental disabilities also identified with Down syndrome child. They are eligible to receive early intervention service. The benefit of early intervention is understanding the strengths, abilities and special needs of youngster, knowing the rights and talk on the child’s behalf. It also can assist the child to develop and learn, having a support system and be involved in the community (Aniza, I. 2013). Researchers also found that the mean of each domain in children who received early intervention is more eminent than those who received late intervention. This indicates that the family will have better family outcomes as a result of early intervention in many aspects. Family outcomes study by NEILS found that parents agreed their childrens participation in early intervention programs has enabled them to assist their children to grow and learn, give them the opportunity to work with the professional and speak on behalf of their children about their needs. According to a study by the National Early Intervention longitude Longitudinal Study (NEILS), mothers education level and family income also have a substantial relation to the family outcomes. Parents with higher education levels have a more positive result in the family outcomes. Poorly educated parents are usually found to have less knowledge compared to those who are well educated so they are not aware about the advantages related to exposure and the establishment of early intervention programs in their place (Aniza, I. 2013). Besides that, Cunningham found economic burden will affect family ties and increase family stress because raising children requires a lot of financial sacrifices especially for the families of children with special needs. Thus, the government has established training and service center for these families, namely Kompleks KASIH Keluarga who organized programs and services aimed to strengthen the family unit (Aniza, I. 2013). Through this, parents who have children with disabilities can gain more knowledge about their special children and how to handle their family through participation in programs and workshops. Down syndrome (DS) child will experience healthy problem, and have less access to health care than the general population. There are some article show the benefits of physical activity for children with down syndrome and some intervention programs for this population. Evidence proves the benefits of physical activity for the wellbeing of body, brain, and the decrease of risk of chronic disease. Various studies indicated that physical activity improved psychological well-being. In layman word is the way in which we deal, with stress and mental functioning, such as decision making, planning, and short-term memory, reduced anxiety, and promoted healthier sleep patterns. Besides that, there are more or less positive effects of regular physical activity are an improvement in cardiovascular and respiratory muscle function, a reduction in coronary artery disease risk factors such as elevated systolic, diastolic blood pressures and a diminished degree of overall mortality and morbidity. The benefits also may include enhanced feelings of wellbeing, and enhanced performance at workplace, refreshment, and sports activities (Lotan, M. 2007). Heller found that a group of adults with DS, who participated in a fitness and health education program for 12 weeks, in that respect are some changes of their attitudes towards practice, proved more positive expected outcomes and improved life satisfaction (Lotan, M. 2007). On the other hand, researchers have performed a jog/walk program for DS participants. The researcher can conclude that adults with DS were able to improve their aerobic capacity when performing a systematic and well-designed aerobic training program. This program demonstrated significant improvement in muscle strength and dynamic balance, supporting a positive outcome. Carmeli implemented a pain-free treadmill walking program for adults with DS and arterial occlusive disease. Some of the participants showed significant improvements in walking speed, distance, and duration. Pain levels were concentrated in people suffering from intermittent claudication. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out such programs throughout the lifetime span of individuals with DS (Lotan, M. 2007).

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Gangliosidosis: A Brief Review Of Associated Neuropathology Essay

Gangliosidosis: A Brief Review Of Associated Neuropathology Gangliosidosis is a lysosomal storage disease which affects primarily the nervous system. This disease is the result of an autosomal recessive mutation which causes a lack or deficiency of an enzyme important in the metabolism of gangliosides. This deficient enzyme can vary depending on the type of mutation present causing either GM1 or GM2 gangliosidosis. Each of these will be discussed later, although the overall effects are similar. Increased amounts of gangliosides inside neurons leads to, often lethal, neurodegenerative disorders. TAY- SACHS One of the more common of these disorders is known as Tay--Sachs. Bernard Sachs was the first to describe the cellular morphological features of this disease, "distended cytoplasm of the neurons and ballooning of their dendrites". Later, in the 1930’s, the term ganglioside was used to describe the accumulating material in the neurons which was characteristic of the disease. Tay-Sachs is an infantile form of GM2 gangliosidosis most often found in Ashkenazi Jews. The rate of this disease is almost ten times higher in this population than in most others. Genetically, Tay-Sachs disease (TSD) is caused by a mutation at the alpha subunit locus. In Ashkenazi Jews the mutation is primarily found in two forms. The first is a 4 base pair insertion into exon 11, the other is a G-to-C transversion mutation in the intron 12 splice site. A separate mutation has been found in the Moroccan Jews, the deletion of a phenylalanine codon in the alpha subunit sequence. Recently, other mutations have been identified in these and other populations. In all cases, these mutations impair the alpha subunit of beta hexosaminidase A resulting... ...8. Drucker, L."Identification and Rapid Detection of Three Tay--Sachs Mutations in the Moroccan Jew Population." Am. J. Human Genetics. 1992; 51: 371-77. Fredrico, A. "The Clinical Aspect of Adult Hexosaminidase Deficiencies." Developmental Neuroscience. 1991; 13: 280-287 Fukumizu, M. "Tay-Sachs Disease: Progression of Changes on Neuroimaging in Four Cases." Neuroradiology. 1992; 34: 483-486. Gravel, R.A. "Biochemistry and Genetics of Tay-Sachs Disease." The Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences. 1991; 18: 419-423. Maia, Maria. "Juvenile GM2 Variant B1: Clinical and Biochemical Study in Seven Patients." Neuropediatrics. 1990; 21: 18-23. Specola, N. "The Juvenile and Chronic Forms of GM2 Gangliosidosis." Neurology. 1990; 40: 145-150. Suzuki, K. "Neuropathology of Late Onset Gangliosidosis." Developmental Neuroscience. 1991;13: 205-10.

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What is Patriotism? :: essays research papers

What is patriotism? Merriam-Webster defines patriotism as love for or devotion to one's country. â€Å"I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually,† James Baldwin. â€Å"The notion that a radical is one who hates his country is naà ¯ve and usually idiotic. He is, more likely, one who likes his country more than the rest of us, and is thus more disturbed than the rest of us when he sees it debauched. He is not a bad citizen turning to crime; he is a good citizen driven to despair.† H. L. Mencken. What these quotes mean to me is that if some one really loves their country, they will try their best to change that which is wrong, not to be blindly led and follow what people before them have done. At nine-eleven the whole country just all of the sudden turned patriotic. Almost everyone had a flag of some type of solute to our country. It’s sad that such a tragedy is needed to make a country come together. Nine-eleven was just about four years ago, now four years later; the country has already regressed to its state before nine-eleven. What did all of those people die for? Was it to stop terrorism? Well if it was it obviously didn’t work. There are still terrorists. It was used by Bush as an excuse to finish the war his father couldn’t. What are veterans? Merriam-Webster defines veterans as an old soldier of long service: a former member of the armed forces. â€Å"And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man,† the most famous quote from John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address. To me this quote represents the idea of being a veteran, you give up your whole life to serve the cause of you’re country not you’re own.

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How Democratic Is the American Constitution? Essay -- Book Reviews Rob

Robert Dahl's book How Democratic is the American Constitution, reminds us that the American Constitution wasn't the only possible base for a democratic system in America. In this book Dahl explains some of the democratic and undemocratic aspects of the American constitution. He also explains what should be changed to improve it. In chapter 2, Dahl begins explaining about the Framers of the constitution who had the task of basically creating a new government that combated all of the problems of the new United States of America. The Framers desperately needed to gather knowledge on how to go about creating a new society but, there was very little information that would help them. Dahl then listed a few events in history that if the Framers knew about it would have significantly changed the way the constitution was created. First, there was a peaceful democratic revolution which altered the way the constitutional system would work. Second, during this revolution new political institutions would be created, this would significantly alter the way the Framers setup their framework of...

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Manage Domiciliary Services Essay

As a healthcare provider we have to ensure we have the correct amount of staff as well as staff with the right skill set and qualifications on shift which meets the needs of the people we are supporting. We do this by implementing standards from the beginning which includes the recruitment process. Our recruitment is robust but is constantly changing to ensure potential new staff are people that is right to be in healthcare, someone can fail at any time of the recruitment process. Our recruitment process includes: 1. Telephone Interview 2. Face to face Interview 3. 2 Day mandatory Training 4. Induction and final interview 5. 12 weeks probation Indicators that a potential new member of staff can fail in our recruitment process: a. Not understanding the importance for a client to maintain their independence b. Not understanding the importance for a client’s dignity and respect c. Not understanding the importance of working over a 7 day period d. Not participating in activities in mandatory training e. Not completing the Common Induction Standards f. Not completing courses in the 12 week probation period g. Not meeting the levels of reliability set out All members of staff that do not have a NVQ 2 when starting with E-Spire Healthcare must complete the Common Induction Standards within the first 12 weeks of commencing work with the company, after this period they can then proceed with NVQ level 2, which is encouraged, we rely on our local college to provide this support. When a new member of staff starts with E-Spire Healthcare they must first complete induction and shadow shifts without senior staff, only once the senior member of staff has signed them off as competent will they commence their shifts with our clients. This way our senior is able to introduce the new member of staff to our clients but they also have a complete understanding of our client’s needs and what support they require. Depending on the complexity of our client’s needs will depend  on which member of staff works with our clients, for instance somebody who has mental health issues will not be asked to complete shifts with that particular client until they have completed the relevant training courses and completed shadow shifts and been signed off by the senior member of staff. There is no maximum number of shadow shifts that a new member of staff needs to complete, this will depend on the individual member of staff, their past work history, qualifications. Myself or the senior member of staff would of completed the necessary paperwork before the commencement of the package including the care plan the client’s needs, support, risk assessments, medication, and emotional support plans, this way we already have an idea of what type of member of staff will work well with each particular client, as I feel this is a two way process the client and the Support Worker must be able to work together so the client can be motivated to keep their independence but also the Support Worker to enjoy working with each individual client and know they are supporting in the correct way and making a difference in their day to day lives. We also at the paperwork stage will know how many members of staff are required for each shift. Consistency of care is an extremely important factor for us, not only for the client but also the support worker: For the client: 1. They will get to know the member of staff 2. They will be able to open up to them if they have any certain problems 3. They will know that the member of staff understands their needs 4. They will know that they won’t have to keep explaining how they like specific tasks like to be completed 5. There will be trust between the client and member of staff 6. Personal care tasks will hopefully not be seen as daunting as the same person is with them 7. Trust when it comes to supporting people with their medication For the Support Worker: 1. They will get to know the individual client 2. Will understand how they like tasks to be completed 3. They are confident with how to support individual clients 4. They understand what motivates each individual client And many more reasons. Each individual client has a series of risk assessments completed for the  commencement of support package. This will include, medication, mobility, feeding, personal care as well as the immediate environment that the support worker will be working in. Depending on the individual client will determine how many members of staff will be required. This can depend on their mobility, their mental health, support in the community. If we feel that a package requires a different amount of staff to what is stated from for instance the social worker, we will go back to them and state our findings, but a package will not start until we have the correct amount of staff on each shift, as we need to keep both the client and our staff safe from injury and harm as well as the community too. I have a completed risk assessment attached with this document all personal details have been removed. E-Spire Health care have clear recruitment guidelines in place which all office staff know and understand a nd all abide by. No member of staff can commence with any shadow and induction shifts until we have on file: 1. Phone Interview 2. Face to Face Interview 3. 2 Day Mandatory Training 4. Induction and Final Interview 5. DBS 6. 2 references 7. Staff Members folder signed off by either myself or the director Carl Boulton. We have a excel document which is kept up to date of any potential member of staff that has approached E-Spire Healthcare this way we can ensure that we are not bringing anybody on board that has already tried to get through the recruitment process already. We also have a flow chart so we can refer back at any time if we are ensure of the process. Within healthcare we are supporting clients within their homes or a residential setting, so our staffs reliability and time keeping is essential, however with this said we will always occur a percentage of lateness and sickness, although we do have a procedure to monitor this and we will speak to any member of staff that does not hit the E-Spire targets ( separate occasions of illness within a 6 week period and also the same for lateness), as a company we do need to be prepared for the unexpected and people can fall ill at any time, this is why we have senior staff that their day to day roles  are shadow and inductions, reviews but to also pick up shifts at any time, we also have a deputy manager who also is able to go out and do shifts at any time. If need be there is also myself to go out to do shifts, but the same procedure applies to us too we must of completed shadow shifts with each client we will be going to, this is why shadow shifts and inductions are so important. Every client is an individual and their needs can change at any time, this can include cancelling shifts due to unforeseen circumstances such as going to hospital, doctor’s appointments, holidays, day trips out. It is our job to ensure that they are able to participate in any activity they need to. Hospital admission for instance is we will keep their shift slot open until they are able to come home, I know how important it is that when someone is able to come home, that they just want to come home, I do not want to be the reason why they are not able to come home, again this is a reason why we have senior staff available this way we can support clients with their task that is important to them. At E-Spire Healthcare and more importantly for myself I don’t want to meet CQC guidelines I want to exceed them, I am not in care to just give everyone the basic needs, I want to be able to provide support for people that is going to enhance their lives, maintain their independence, be emotionally supportive, and support them with the tasks that they need support with. Everything I do I also ask the same question â€Å"is this the type of support that is exceeds my expectations for my parents?† we monitor this by reviewing our clients care plans, speaking to them to see if they have any comments or complaints, asking them to complete questionnaires, which allows us to compile reports to see as a company where we can improve, because I feel we can always improve, if you’re not improving you’re not listening to people. We also complete a 12 week supervision for new members of staff, this goes towards their probationary period, this is a two way meeting with myself and the member of staff to both discuss the progress of the member of staff, it also gives the member of staff to give their opinion on subjects such as training, the clients their progress their needs. It is a document that will remain in each individual’s folder and it is a document that we are both able to refer back to, it includes: The member of staff role and responsibilities How the member of staff is meeting the company’s objectives and targets Any other training the member of staff feels they need to do Any problems the member of staff may have.  We then complete a target list of training and objectives for the member of staff to complete in the next 6 months, the next supervision would then not be with me as if the member of staff had an issue with myself they would then have the chance to discuss this with another member of staff. I feel this is a fair way to conduct supervisions, as the member of staff may feel more comfortable speaking to another member of the office team, but this way we are still able to improve for everyone. I am so the trainer for E-Spire healthcare but we also use other companies that are open to us which includes: 1. Local Colleges 2. Local District Nurses 3. The local authority I have attached my mandatory training course topics which indicates what is covered over the two days. To prepare myself for the training course I use a multitude of sources which are available to me, so I am fully informed so my information is up to date and informs and skills each individual member of staff so they have the knowledge to be practicable and skilful within their job role. I use: 1. British Red Cross 2. Trainer Courses (completed moving and handling and medication training) 3. CQC 4. Shropshire County Council 5. HSE Website 6. 7. You Tube 8. Speaking to clients 9. Personal experiences 10. Fire safe 11. Old Newspaper articles 12. SPIC 13. UK National Statistics

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Aldi Inc Strategic Swot Analysis Review Essay

Summary Aldi, Inc. (Aldi) is a grocery retailing company. The company’s stores supply various food and general merchandise such as fresh meat and produce; refrigerated and frozen foods; snacks and sweets; bakery, dairy, pantry items and beverages. In addition, it also offers skincare and beauty products, house hold must have products, and beer and wines. Aldi operates over 1,200 stores in the US and sells over 1,400 of the most frequently purchased grocery and household items in manageable, non-bulk packaging. It operates as a subsidiary of ALDI Einkauf GmbH & Co. oHG. The company is headquartered in Batavia, Illinois, the US Our Aldi, Inc. provides a comprehensive insight into the company’s history, corporate strategy, business structure and operations. The report contains a detailed SWOT analysis, information on the company’s key employees, key competitors and major products and services. This up-to-the-minute company report will help you to formulate strategies to drive your business by enabling you to understand your partners, customers and competitors better. Scope – Business description – A detailed description of the company’s operations and business divisions. – Corporate strategy – Our summarization of the company’s business strategy. – SWOT analysis – A detailed analysis of the company’s strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. – Company history – Progression of key events associated with the company. – Major products and services – A list of major products, services and brands of the company. – Key competitors – A list of key competitors to the company. – Key employees – A list of the key executives of the company. – Executive biographies – A brief summary of the executives’ employment history. – Key operational heads – A list of personnel heading key departments/functions. – Important locations and subsidiaries – A list of key locations and subsidiaries of the company, including contact details. Note: Some sections may be missing if data is unavailable for the company. Reasons to Buy – Gain key insights into the company for academic or business research purposes. Key elements such as SWOT analysis and corporate strategy are incorporated in the profile to assist your academic or business research needs. – Identify potential customers and suppliers with this report’s analysis of the company’s business structure, operations, major products and services and business strategy. – Understand and respond to your competitors’ business structure and strategies with Our detailed SWOT analysis. In this, the company’s core strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are analyzed, providing you with an up to date objective view of the company. – Examine potential investment and acquisition targets with this report’s detailed insight into the company’s strategic, business and operational performance.

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Human Sexuality and Disability

Article Summary Chandler, B. J. , Brown, S. (1998). Sex and relationship dysfunction in neurological disability. Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, 65, 877-880. doi: 10. 1136/jnnp. 6 5. 6. 877 Researchers Chandler and Brown (1988) conducted a study to see the relationship between neurologically disabled individuals and their experienced sexual relationship problems. Primarily focused on dyadic relationships, this research further sheds light on service providing for affected individuals.A 6 months continuous study was conducted on 70 individuals who were either married, cohabiting or living alone at Hunters Moor Regional Rehabilitation Centre located in Newcastle upon Tyne. Multiple standardized tests to assess cognitive, sexual and psychiatric functioning including, sexual functioning, disability level and current relationship were used. The results showed a wide variety of diagnosis amongst individuals tested. Additionally indicated slightly more than half (51%) had experienced change in sexual functioning and almost a third (27%) of those were highly concerned about this change.Gender was highly associated with concern about sexual functioning, as men were much more concerned. The correlation between sexual dysfunction and duration of illness strongly predicted relationship dissatisfaction. Researchers also suggested that concern is a desire to seek help and so more than one in four required help for sexual dysfunction. The outcome of this study implied sexual dysfunction can predict difficulties within a relationship and the dyadic relationship is an important aspect in managing disability.Further suggesting services designed to address sexual health should also consider and integrate relationship issues when seeking solutions. Reflective Journal Introduction to topic: Human Sexuality and Disability Sexual health is an important aspect of all human beings. Dr. Mona (2011) noted disabled individuals may not fit into the typical category of wha t is sexually desirable in our society and can result in low sexual self esteem. Disability is a complex phenomenon, which has different aspects. Our group was curious and wanted to research on preconceived assumptions on Sexuality and Disability.The research dealt with physical disability (Injuries affecting mobility, Individuals with Cancer resulting in physical limitations etc. ) its relationship with sexual pleasure, expression and services provided for concerned individuals. The Travelling Tickle Trunk Shop. Research and collecting Informaiton Located within Edmonton made it easy to conduct research on this agency. Additionally the range and quality of services was accessible and welcoming to disabled individuals. The Methodology involved, contacting the owner Brenda Kerber through e-mail and phone to set up an interview.We personally contacted Brenda at the Tickle Trunk located on Whyte Avenue. During this period she willingly provided answers and useful information. More to t his, we analyzed the store set up, services and policies to accommodate disabled customers. Perceptions and Personal Impact of this Research Brenda had stated the initial idea to set up this particular store being a customer request that she later researched into and established in 2008 (personal communication, Oct. 31, 2012), indicating a wide customer range.I have learnt the variety of customers is not limited to race, culture, age, physical ability or gender. I would always assume customers of sex stores being sex addicts or having some physiological difficulties during sexual intercourse. My assumptions essentially root from my culture. Sex is a reserved topic until marriage and is therefore associated with procreation. I am aware of the pleasurable aspects of sex and this research has broadened my viewpoint. Another major assumption was with regards to disabled customers being asexual and/or loosing total sense of feel in sexual organs completely. Dr.Tepper’s (2000) rese arch helped publicize sexual oppression of disabled individuals and eliminated some of my assumptions enlightening me to the complex world of disability (acquired disability, mental illness, physical disability, prenatal disability etc). Disabled individuals at least here in North America are engaged in sexual activity and I would state are having better and creative sex. Major personal turning point of this research was knowing the multiple ways to enhance one’s sex life. Social impact and Applications of this research The Tickle Trunk, is a business that is very welcoming to all individuals.This can help curious couples experiment, aid new migrants better immerse in the western culture of Sexuality and for disabled individuals (visually, hearing) private parties are conducted to help explore sexuality. Brenda has helped many physically disabled/impaired and individuals with cancer better embrace their sexual lives. On a large scale, Alberta being noted for its conservative views and reserved sexual attitude. The open minded and supportive approach of The Tickle Trunk can help educate and promote satisfying healthy sex to the general Edmonton society.Personally aspiring to be in the Nursing field certain information might be applicable during patient treatment, diagnosis etc. Disability and motherhood, guidance for parenting and resources (O’toole, 2002) are other aspects of interest to me, from a career and female rights advocate perspective. Personal and Literature related experiences of the research Pleasure is an important affirmative of life regardless of physical disability. Another similarity was the variety of individuals. In the article age ranges from 16-64 were examined. Where as customers at the shop had much more variation.Journals are scientific papers, a few controlled variables and numerical associations to sexual expression/satisfaction was noted. Whereas visiting the store gave a more personal and opinionated view of considerin g disability and sexuality. Overall, the different sources aided in reaching a balanced perspective. Reference List Chandler, B. J. , Brown, S. (1998). Sex and relationship dysfunction in neurological disability. Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, 65, 877-880. doi: 10. 1136/jnnp. 6 5. 6. 877 Kerber, Brenda. (Owner, Educator–The Travelling Tickle Trunk), personal communication October 31, 2012.O’toole, C. J. (2002). Sex Disability And Motherhood: Access To Sexuality For Disabled Mother Dsiability studies Quarterly 22(4), 81-101. Retrieved from http://dsq-sds. org/article/view/374/495 Paget, L. (2011, June 8). Dr. Linda Monda Sex and Disability. TogiEntertainment, Inc. Lindale Texas, USA: Â © 2012 Toginet Radio. Retrieved from http://podbay. fm/show/415882898/e/1309935600? autostart=1 Tepper, M. S. (2000). Sexuality and Disability: The Missing Discourse of Pleasure. HumanScience Press. 18(4), 283-290. Retrieved from http://wmst419. drkissling. com/winter2 011/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Tepper2000. pdf

Reflective Essay

Phenomenon Causal Context Clarifying Describe the here and now experience What essential factors contributed to this experience? What are the significant background factors to this experience? What are the key processes for Reflection in this experience? 2. Reflection 2. 1. What was I trying to achieve? 2. 2. Why did I intervene as I did? 2. 3. What were the consequences of my actions for: †¢ myself? †¢ the patient/family? †¢ the people I work with? . 4. How did I feel about this experience when it was happening? 2. 5. How did the patient feel about it? 2. 6. How do I know how the patient felt about it? 3. Influencing factors 3. 1. What internal factors influenced my decision making? 3. 2. What external factors influenced my decision making? 3. 3. What sources of knowledge did/should have influenced my decision making? 4. Could I have dealt better with the situation? 4. 1. What other choices did I have? 4. 2. What would be the consequences of these choices? 5. Learning 5. 1. How do I now feel about this experience? 5. 2. How have I made sense of this experience in the light of past experience and future practice? 5. 3. How has this experience changed my ways of knowing: †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ empirics? aesthetics? ethics? personal? (Taken from â€Å"Centre for Health Education† info RD+E(H) April 02) The Reflective Process — Analysing & Learning from Experience 1. Gather the Information †¢ †¢ †¢ Describe the incident Explain the context Take any relevant clarifying statements from others involved 2. The Reflection †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ What was I trying to achieve? What were the consequences of my action for the patient, for my colleagues, for me? What do I feel about it? What has been the effect on my colleagues? What factors/previous knowledge may have influenced me? What alternative action could I have taken? 3. The Learning Process †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ How do I feel now? Could I have acted differently? What have I learnt? How will that influence my future practice? What has the incident taught me about my values and/or my belief system? What ethical principles were involved? Once you have completed the process, it would be valuable to evaluate it again, with a colleague or with a professional mentor to clarify the main issues, the learning involved and the impact on your practice. CHIRS WHITEHEAD Professional Development Co-ordinator February 1994 (Taken from â€Å"Centre for Health Education† info RD+E(H) April 02) (More examples of reflective writing formats) Reflection on Practice Date: 3rd Feb 1995 A 50 year old man with CA lung who was not expected to live much longer was smoking in his room with oxygen. The Consultant had just visited him and told him that he could continue to smoke in his room. The gentleman was unsafe to be left as every time he took a puff on the cigarette he collapsed and he still had the oxygen running through a nasal cannulae. Description of the experience I expressed my concerns to the Consultant, my concerns being: †¢ There was piped oxygen in the room and there was a high risk that it may ignite. †¢ There was a risk to the patient that he may set light to himself or the bed when he collapsed. †¢ There were babies below. †¢ There was not enough staff on duty to free someone up to sit with him whilst he smoked. Once the Consultant had left the ward I took away the cigarettes and lighter and said that we would be back every hour to allow him to smoke. The gentleman did not like this and started calling out and shouting continuously for a lighted cigarette. My decision was to only allow one cigarette an hour as I could only free up a Nurse to sit with him for this period of time. To turn the oxygen supply off whilst the gentleman had the cigarette and to keep the cigarettes in case he tried to light up whilst there was no one around. What other actions could I have taken? †¢ Allowed him to smoke with the oxygen on and without a Nurse present and allowed him to get on with it. The consequence would have been that he may have collapsed without my knowledge and died/caught light to himself. †¢ Not to have allowed him to smoke at all taking the cigarettes away from him. The consequence would have been an angry uptight man shouting at the top of his voice until I relented or he wore himself out, causing distress to himself and the other patients on the ward. How did I feel at the time? †¢ Frustrated that the Consultant put me in such a position and did not seem to think of the consequences. †¢ Annoyed that my concerns were washed over when I was accountable for that shift. †¢ Powerless to do much about this situation. †¢ Determined that whatever I did, I was doing it for the right reasons and had thought about every possible avenue. What I have learnt from this experience? That you have to act as you see fit when faced with a situation as this one. †¢ That you have to take the welfare of the gentleman and others into consideration. †¢ That you cannot always expect backing from your Consultant or Nurse in charge. †¢ That you, have to take a holistic view point and weigh up all the pros and cons. †¢ That you have to stick to your decision if you believe it to be right. Three months later After reflecting on this incident I still believe today that I made the correct decision of only allowing this man to smoke when the oxygen was turned off and a Nurse was present. It caused him some distress and myself a lot of distress but I feel I had an obligation to safeguard the safety of the other patients and babies in the ward and the ward below. The gentleman has since died and I wonder sometimes whether I was too hard, but as they say you can only do what you believe in and work within the confines of the situation, which on reflection I believe I did. (Taken from â€Å"Centre for Health Education† info RD+E(H) April 02) Reflective Log from Teignbridge District Model Name: Date of learning event: Me My experience of the subject prior to the learning experience. Facts How the knowledge was acquired? What was the nature of the experience or event? Explain the subject. An account of what happened without specifying what was learnt. Select the part that is significant and/or important. Feelings What aspect of the event went well? What was not so good? What were my feelings about what happened? What were the feelings of others? Learning What were my desired learning outcomes? Where does it link in or combine with my existing knowledge? What have I learnt from the experience? Conclusions What do I need to do next? How can I put my learning into practice in another situation?

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Bhagavad Gita is the Ultimate Science of Yoga

The meaning of yoga is very common in that it links the word yoga to body posture and meditation system. However, the primitive form of yoga has deep spiritual significance and has been lost in today's body-centered world. Sanskrit language yoga has automatic roots Yuj. This means links and connections. When we talk about links and connections, there are obvious questions: what is linked to what? The term connected means that there must be two different entities separated from one another, and they need to be connected. Bhagavad-gita's yoga is the ultimate reality and absolute combination of skills. In his comments, Zaehner stated that the basic meaning of yoga is å”  Ã¥  ¨ or preparation and advocates the basic meaning of psychomotorism expressing various subtle nuances . Sivananda 's comment suggests that the 18 chapters of Bhagavad Gita have a phased order, and Krishna uses this chapter to bring Arjuna from step to yoga ladder. An influential commentator, Madhusudana Sarasvati , divided the 18 chapters of Gita into three chapters, each with six chapters. Swami Gambhirananda explained the system of Madhusudana Sarasvati as a continuous way that Karma Yoga led to Bhakti Yoga and led it to Gyaana Yoga. What is Bhagavad Gita? Bhagavad Gita is a scripture which is a story of the event that Lord Krishna revealed the ultimate science of the universe to Arjuna. Sir Krishna made it clear to him about the science of self-actualization. In this incident, Arjuna achieved self-fulfillment. Even today, after thousands of years of history, many people have read Bhagavad - gita to understand the last truth. I understand that Bhagavad Gita has reached a certain point of time, but is it possible to understand the exact meaning Shree Krishna tells Arjuna? What are the advantages of reading Sanskrit in this era? Reading Gita will help us achieve self-fulfillment? No! You need live enlightenment to achieve self-fulfillment, as you need to shine the candle to illuminate anothe r candle. Even today, it is possible to achieve self-fulfillment through the current spiritual master Pujya Deepakbhai who is blessed with Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan.

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Global Warming Effects on Population Literature review

Global Warming Effects on Population - Literature review Example DeWeerdt gives a interesting international, almost post-colonial study of the effects of global warming. She divides her analysis into three distinct categories of areas that will impact human life the most signifincantly that are also the most vulnerable to climate change: Food, Disease and changes in sea level. It is somewhat superficially obvious that all of these things will be impacted by climate; sea levels will obviously rise as polar ice melts (DeWeerdt 2012), food production, which is obviously very climate dependent will have to shift, and disease will obviously increase with any serious shifts in population, as these often lead to unsanitary conditions.Her analysis is novel, however, in indicating the degree to which these changes will impact different parts of the world. DeWeerdt argues that development, which is usually meant in economic ways, can actually be considered a society’s degree of ability to adapt to climate changes (DeWeerdt, 2012). Places that have hi gh degrees of infrastructure, for instance, will be more able to cope with any of these changes. Firstly, they can establish things that directly mitigate the effects of climate: things like greenhouses to cope with cold weather or irrigation to cope with dryness. Secondly, they can use transportation infrastructure to cope with secondary effects of climate change as well, easily developing newly productive areas while abandoning areas that have become unproductive due to climate change. Undeveloped countries, however, will suffer more greatly: people cannot flee a newly formed desert, cannot build seawalls to hold back a rising tide, and so forth. Conceptualizing development as a society’s degree of ability to cope with climate allows one to see very clearly that the effects of climate change will disproportionately affect developing societies.Using DeWeerdt’s analysis indicates that one can actually conceptualize as climate change (including both its causes and effec ts) as a particular damaging form of pseudocolonial resource extraction. If one imagines a favorable climate as a resource, in that it provides a whole sleuth of production but can be depleted if not properly managed, then developed countries, which achieve their development largely through the highest use of fossil fuels (DeWeerdt 2012) are actually taking a valuable resource from developing countries every time they use fossil fuels. This is an especially damaging form of resource consumption because the people who get the resource depleted do not gain from the depletion, unlike mining, for instance, in which minerals can be sold. Climate can more be imagined as a river dammed outside of a country’s borders: they lose, and do not gain, while the other country gains but does not loose.

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Managinga Data & Information Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Managinga Data & Information - Coursework Example The time spent at the systems and computers frequently used for completing work were examined. The study reported a greater access to computers by nurse managers, an indication that nurses managed most of the patient related information in accomplishing their work. Systems such as EHR (Electronic Health Record) becomes handy every time the nurse admit and attend to a patient. 2. An information management problem that can be solved with a database is updating of the system. Some institutions such as hospitals and clinics in the current technological era still have the file system of keeping records or the database management system. However, most hospitals, institutions, and businesses have already computerized their data and thus posses’ databases containing critical information necessary for the running of the institution. The management of information is very vital for every institution and business. On the contrary, when a system is being installed, the influence or impact of growth of the institution or business necessitating the growth of the amount of information handled is supposed to be anticipated and thus factored in as part of the long term plan. When institutions wait for a very long time to update the system or database, a loss of fundamental information may be incurred as the old system struggles to cope with the changes. The need to update a database arises from the fact that the ability to retrieve and update data forms a fundamental component of a database management system essential to the management of the database. Updating of data in a database comprises of the addition of new records (as a result of growth), deleting of the existing records and the alteration or changing of information within the records to allow easy access and retrieval of information. When databases are not updated, most patients will have problems with the privacy of the data in respect to their medical history, reduced efficiency in patient safety management, a nd inability of nurses to access appropriate and correct information regarding patients’ medical history (Haux, Winter, Ammenwerth, and Brigl, 2004). A situation for which data would be captured over an extended period of time comprise of patient discharges from the hospital. The three questions of the database that would be asked include how many patients are discharged everyday, which patients have the highest number of discharges from the hospital, and does the discharges indicate a link between patient/nurse relationships. 3. One of the databases that are used in the work setting is the EMR database. A clinic that aims at keeping its operations under budget perceives the implementation of the EMR technology in the work setting as a priority. EMR database is an increasingly common alternative to the traditional patient records that permits medical facilities to update and access vital records within a few keystrokes from several multiple locations. A number of large hospit als and medical practices in the present era have already implemented the switch to the new EMR record keeping form. The

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Field Interview Paper about Correctional Institution Guard Essay

Field Interview Paper about Correctional Institution Guard - Essay Example I would put together group activities like partnering teams up to create, design, implement, and display their project after observing it for a week in nature so the detainees can get fresh air and spend some one on one time with each other. They would be paired in groups that I felt would benefit one another from previous observation, and then I would have them display and explain the project. Softball would be good for their souls that shows real fun within a simple game where they can show gratitude, work as a team, cut up, be loud, where I could watch and the youngsters get exercise frequently. Since I would want to work with 13 to 17 year old juveniles would take the juvenile approach because it consists of talking openly about the crimes they have committed and taking blame because a lot of people who commit crimes are ate up with guilt. When that guilt builds up and is not let out in the open, and then it can drive someone insane, cause them to inflict pain on themselves, hurt or kill others or themselves. In this process I would keep a Your last name ii journal of notes on each day with each detainee and their actions, participations, and outcomes or improvements were there problems. This attempt would be to discuss the facilities statistics and their age and crime rates, the life of inmates who are in for good or on death row. This can bring reality in the discussion, like an eye opener and time for these individuals to think back to their own crime(s) because that is an attempt for them to talk. I would have an open discussion about the guidelines of healing and integrity including the group’s opinions and comments and talk about how crime does not affect just the victim but both sides’ families, their reputation, and where they stand or feel and are they ashamed. Taking responsibility for actions, how to fix anything, acceptance, apologies, a written apology to the other family, whether sent or not but to get their feelings out, but ask them to do this later to discuss at the next meeting. I would also leave on a positive note with maybe everyone going around the room stating their favorite music and why. There is a sport that I can see myself doing up in middle aged and elderly years, and that would definitely have to get in to bowling, even order personalized balls and shoes, because I have never had either the money, sitter, or time and that would be a good time in life to take part in it especially with my husband who enjoys the sport, too. I know if my husband and I walk every other day, and are still able to get up and use a 8 to 12 pound ball like we always have because it is a safe, fun, and happy interactive sport that is fun to play with all members of the family, groups of friends, as a caregiver who is overseeing different age levels of people regardless of whether they are handicapped, afterschool, summer camp, or just a day camp. In bowling, just like for any other people who have hobbies and things people enjoy, it is easy to get in to and find out through others and sponsors who may help pay for you to create your own Your last name iii or even become a member of a group, association, or team member, and have certain nights of the week where you go and have some time to yourself because everyone

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Unit 4 Individual Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Unit 4 Individual Project - Essay Example Euthanasia is a word derived from the Greek, simply means a â€Å"gentle and easy death† (Oxford English Dictionary, 2004). Obviously, supporters of the decriminalization of euthanasia are not using the word in this uncontroversial sense. They are not simply supporting the expansion of hospices and improvements in medical services. Rather, they are arguing that doctors should in certain circumstances be allowed to ensure an easy death not just by killing the pain but by killing the patient. Often the decision to practice euthanasia is more of a decision between letting the person die now or later, rather than a choice between life and death. Thus, it could be deemed that the movement in favor of euthanasia may be rooted in our fear of facing death, and that euthanasia is used to hasten death so that we will not have to cope with the consequences associated with the actual process of dying. In fact, according to U.S. surveys, there is greater support for physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia among patients and the general public than among physicians (Kashima and Braun, 15 October 2001). More Caucasians support these practices than members of ethnic minority groups (Braun, et al., February 2001). This is a very sorry situation wherein people would like to have complete control of their lives. In reality, humans have limited control but, ultimately, are forced to accept phenomena which they cannot change. Sickness and death fall into this category. The humane response to a dying person is to keep him company and alleviate his discomfort. There is no medical or ethical reason to deprive a person of all the pain medication needed to keep him comfortable and, for most people, a regimen of comfort care can be established in either a health care facility or at home. To be sure, keeping company with the dying and caring for their physical needs is a demanding task, but it is not a task

Investing For Retirement Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Investing For Retirement - Research Paper Example Investing For Retirement In the Family Finance section of Financial Post, there is an article entitled "Retirement Transition All About Expectations." This article is about a couple, Julius ,60, and Emma, 58, in Alberta, Canada who are both retirees, who's been worrying about how they can protect themselves financially if ever there would be a sudden change in the economy. According to Julius, "it might be difficult to make the transition from employment to retirement". Exposure to inflation is their main threat being a retiree. Don Forbes, head of Associates/Armstrong & Quaile gave them an advice on how they are going to utilize their financial plans to protect themselves against any threats. Forbes gave the couple a five year plan scenario on the pension plan they availed, stating what they should do, and explains its corresponding effects in the long run.. This article has been on the news because there are more other Julius and Emma who have been worrying the same thing once they are about to retire. Starting January 1, 2011, the Baby Boomers turned 65. These Baby Boomers are those generations in American history who were born between January 1, 1946 and December 31, 1964. This has been an issue for so many years and now it’s 2011, the Baby Boomers have reached their retirement age. People, especially in the U.S., were already in panic that for the next 19 years these Baby Boomers will push the national government into bankruptcy. This generation has been on a wrong timing since the economy until now is still on the verge of losing everything. (â€Å"In 2011 the baby boomers,† 2010). I chose this article because Canada is not an exception in this crisis. It is significant for the Canadian families because just like Julius and Emma, most of the retirees now are having lots of questions about the reliability of the government and other company pension plans to fund their necessary needs and other expenses in the future. 2. SCOPE OF CANADA PENSION PLAN Canada Pension Plan (CCP) is one of the retirement income systems in Canada that has been mentioned in the article. The CPP is a national pension plan that was established by the government in 1966. This program is a monthly national defined benefit pension plan that is paid to contributors who are at least 65 years old or between 60 and 64 years old who met the earnings and contributions requirements (Monk & Sass, 2009). It is an independent financial institution wherein no political strings attached; its obligations are not government obligations as well as with its a ssets. The governance structure of this pension plan lies in the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board Act. It has a disclosure policy in which all quarterly and annual financial statements report and its public portfolio holdings must be disclosed to the public in the CPPIB website. Furthermore, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board is an organization established to monitor and invest the funds held by the CPP. Independent from the government, the CPPIB was incorporated in 1997 as a federal Crown corporation by an Act of Parliament. In 1999, it made its first investment whose purpose is to maximize returns without undue risk of loss. Usually, the risks associated in applying a defined-benefit pension type of plan are funding risk and insolvency risk. In the first risk, members are concerned whether the employers can fulfill their promised benefits by assuring them adequate assets in the pension fund. On the report of Financial Services Commission of Ontario 2010, there had been a n increase of underfunded plans by 79% in 2009 from 76% in 2008 out of 1,539 defined-benefit plans (cited in Davis, 2011, p. 6). The concern related on the latter risk goes on the employer's insolvency, in which the business assets of the employer would serve as the ultimate guarantee of the pension promises (Davis, 2011, p. 7). Sponsoring employers should avoid being insolvent as possibly as they