Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Libra Harvey Oswald Essays

Libra Harvey Oswald Essays Libra Harvey Oswald Essay Libra Harvey Oswald Essay Don Dillon the reader is able to see the life of Harvey Oswald through the imagery and elements such as diction and point t of view. Deltoid paints a picture of Oswald life and the world he lives in. In the first paragraph (lines 18) Oswald seems to live a normal life where he is interested in things a seventh grade boy would be such as, girls in tight skirts (line 4). However; the reader is able to see the first glimpse of Oswald not being a normal seventh grad r when Dillon describes Oswald smiling in his secret way (line 7) in response to a group of girls gathered by benches. Eventually, Dillon leads into revealing the violent life that surrounded Oswald using 3rd person as the readers guide into Oswald world. It is seen that not only is Oswald a victim to violence where there are disputes of family, (line 14) and rising welts (line 17) on Oswald leg he is also surrounded by it. An Italian man was murdered in the candy, shot five times, his brain dishing the walls near the comic book rack (line 23). Through the narrators voice this murder seems to be treated as entertainment and something to watch, kids trooped to the store from all around to see the traces of grayish spatter (line 24). The reader can sense because the children see watching a crime seen as a form of entertainment that they may be desensitizing because this may be a common occurrence. The tone the author uses gives insight into Oswald search for power, which may have lead him to the assassination of JEFF. It is excerpts from the passage such gripping heavy chains, (line 44) and how do we know the momentum is not insane, line 48) that hints toward the power struggle that is present in Oswald life. This becomes evident in the last paragraph where the tone becomes more serious and the e diction focuses more on words such as power, insane, and edge. In conclusion, it is seen how Oswald appears to live a normal life in the first paragraph where the author focuses on painting a normal picture. However; through 3rd person the narrator is able to point out the violence in Oswald life, and eventual lay the power struggle he faces by using diction to set the tone.

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