Saturday, October 12, 2019

Megans Law Essay -- essays research papers

In July of 1994, a little girl named, Megan Kanka, was raped and strangled. They found her body near her home in Hamilton Township, New Jersey. The story of thing young girl has shocked the nation. The man responsible for this brutal act is named, Jesse Timmendequas. He had been convicted twice prior to this attack. He also served six years in a treatment facility and had been released. Many people said that he was a quiet man, and this left them to think he was harmless. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. This sex offender lived in the same town, as a matter of fact, he lived across the street from the Kanka family. This man was not ready to be released at all. In fact, he shouldn’t have been released. This only left him more of an opportunity to stike again. This information brought the people of Hamilton Township to pass around a petition. The petition stated that a state law be passed informing the citizens of their community that such people live amongst them. This isn’t a rare request. In fact, there have been numerous attempts to bring this law into affect. This should have been done from the beginning, but some people actually think these sex offenders have rights. Well, the people of Hamilton Township didn’t agree. They felt that they should have been told that this sex offender lived within their neighborhood. "The real issue isn’t that the people of Hamilton Township were denied information on this sex offender, but why was this man released after only six...

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