Friday, November 1, 2019

African American Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

African American - Assignment Example With freedom came a chance for willing African Americans to access education thereby advancing self-development and consequently the entire society. Unlike during slavery, women gender discrimination and harassment decreased significantly albeit not completely. For the first time, African Americans were allowed to work in different sectors although unlike earlier they were supposed to receive payments for their work. Moreover, General William Sherman allocated free land to the African Americans under the â€Å"special field order # 15†. Freedom of movement meant that African Americans could work in places of their liking and participate in other important activities that were not necessarily within their localities. However, transitioning from slavery to freedom was aided greatly by the Freedman’s Bureau, thirteenth amendment, and fourteenth amendment. Freedman Bureau assisted African Americans in activities such as negotiating contracts with white people, settling disputes between whites and blacks, and ensuring access to food, land, education, and medical services. The thirteenth amendment was passed in 1865 with ascent of President Abraham Lincoln into power. The fourteenth amendment allowed African Americans to receive American citizenship. However, there were also some negatives effects of ending slavery such as loss of land by some of the white people. For instance, in the Southern Carolina white men who had fled during the civil war could not get back their land from the African Americans on returning after the war. Additionally, ending slavery led to hostility towards white men from some of the African American. Nevertheless, the end of slavery ushered in a new era of freedom for African Americans and the entire American community as

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