Sunday, November 3, 2019

Australian Environmental History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Australian Environmental History - Essay Example Forest history and heritage studies have received considerable attention in both the academic and public domains. Relationship between European or Western cultures influenced much in the environmental management and way of life. 'The visions of environment combined with the balance of power relationship within colonial society are reflected in the development of a public policy framework for resource user and environmental management from the mid 19th century' (Dover 1994, p. 5-78). The exploitative legislation and protective legislation are which involves the land grants for the settlers and the rights of distribution of mineral and water. With these two paradigms, political struggle is present which needs some clarifications. Exploitative legislation focuses more on the resource development and some specific developmental projects which take advantage of the current environmental status to serve the end users and meets their needs. Whilst, protective legislation is in contrast to the exploitative legislation which embodies the knowledge of conservation planning and protecting the general envi ronmental state for maintenance and storing up what is natural and upkeep the balance in nature. 1.) Exploitative Pioneering. The utilisation of Australian nature for the purpose of establishing financially viable fundamentals to its colony and endow with a return on venture from Britain and assemble the power of empire.

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