Sunday, June 16, 2019

Andrew Carnegie (U.S. Steel originally Carnegie Steel ) Research Paper

Andrew Carnegie (U.S. Steel originally Carnegie Steel ) - Research Paper ExampleThese innovations allowed him to shape steel of better quality at a lower cost as compared to his competitors (Wren, 1998). During this phase the management approach of Carnegie was aggressive and Darwinian, aimed at derailing his competitors in business. To speed this innovation, Carnegie struck partnerships with the talented people who understood technology (Wren, 1998).As his operations expanded, Carnegie opted for an integrated approach towards his steel manufacturing operations by investing or winning over companies that supplied the raw materials to the US Steel (Wren, 1998). This management approach allowed Carnegie to profit from each and every step involved in the manufacturing of steel.As his business progressed, Carnegies thrust for continual improvement recognized a need for information systems and management styles that allowed him to calculate costs on successive operations associated wit h steel manufacturing. Hence, he adopted a new system and management approach that allowed him to have a thorough knowledge of the costs, which enabled him to bid successfully while seeking contracts (Wren, 1998).Hence, the sagacity of Carnegies management approach stood in identifying demand, opting for new technologies that cut the cost of manufacturing and having a thorough insight into the cost of manufacturing

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