Saturday, June 15, 2019

Pfizer-puffery or deception Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Pfizer-puffery or deception - Essay ExampleJarvik convince the audience in no time. As long as the knowledge provided is valid, truthful and scientifically justified, there is nothing to worry about if advertisers make use of famous people to enhance the sale of their products. In fact, it is a ripe practice because consumers would tend to believe a product that is of high quality just because of their trust in the celebrities that introduce the products to the public in ads. Answer-2 It is advisable for Pfizer to carry more rational and approved means of support for the claims it makes in advertising Lipitor. The best approach is to seek scientific evidence that would prove Lipitors role as a cholesterol reducing drug. Answer-3 Rational estimate about a companys advertising policy can barely be made by giving its product a try. Often, products come in sealed packs, and the customers can not even see if the product is the size that appears on the cover. Likewise, validity of cla ims made for a drug like Lipitor can only be judged through taking its full course at least once.

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