Friday, June 21, 2019


OPERATIONS MANGEMENT PROJECT- NEW BUSINESS - Assignment ExampleThe guild will first target supermarkets and large retail stores and building management business so as to establish a solid base of clients in Dubai.TESCO certificate Company will carefully increase its employee base of security guards, basing on the contracts of clients, and employ both part-time and full-time security guards. The business anticipates good enough amount of sales during the first one year, and almost double by the end of the third year. Gross margins will be same to the average of the industry, basing on the security guard labor costs vs. billings. After launching the initial investment, a lean first year, and the formation of a training space and routine in the second year, the company will be on the edge of expanding through its own internal source of finance after the end of trinity years. After the business is proved to be successful in other cities, the business may sell its shares to provide an exit strategy for the original founders and investors.TESCO Security will eliminate worries for customers who needs security guards for their facilities, buildings, and events by offering excellent customer services for customers and comprehensive training for their staffIntrinsic forecasting proficiency- comprises of qualitative and quantitative methods. In qualitative method, forecasting is based on subjective method in case of qualitative data is absent. It is based on opinions, best guesses and personal judgment. Contrary, quantitative forecasting is based on formulas and mathematical models. This model believes that what happened in the past will likely happen in the future.The index to carry out accurate forecasting affects the profitability of our business. Furthermore, the ability to enhance the demand forecasting for client demand then sharing the information downriver allows effective arrangement and

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