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Human Resource Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 2

Human Resource Management - Assignment Example HR managers also look after employee motivation and retention through various strategies. Individuals working in organisations suffer from various problems every day. The task of HR managers is to solve these problems in the best possible manner. In the case, a similar problem of employee attrition was presented. In order to solve these, various alternatives were considered. These included innovative strategies for recruitment and interview processes. The candidates interviewed were subjected to various psychical and mental tasks in order to retain the best candidates. After the recruitment plans, successful retention plans were discussed. It was concluded that a small amount of salary hike would not be enough. So the retention plan included various strategies such as regular training and development sessions, certificate programs as well as quarterly meetings. Contents Contents 3 3 Answer 1 4 Answer 2 7 Answer 3 9 Reference List 12 Answer 1 According to organizational psychology, fi rms are successful not only because of sustainable competitive advantage or market realities. Successful organizations have always treated human resources as their most critical and important assets (Martin, 2001). Cognitive aspects of an organization form an important factor while transmission from one stage to another stage of success. It can also be said that human resource capital has the ability to make or break any organization (Legge, 1995; Guest, 1997). Human resource managers take care of various personnel decisions such as hiring, training, compensation, benefits, assignment positioning etc. Majority of company executives rely heavily on the suggestions and recommendations made by HR managers. Although it is important to have physical assets, most companies have realized that quantity and quality of their output is directly proportional to the commitment and quality of the personnel. Human resource managers have the responsibility of creating right matches for team, depart ments and various projects (Bernadin, 2007). A professional working in the human resource department deals with many functions unlike in larger organizations where one HR expert is appointed in each department. This task multiplicity requires strong and effective organizational skills as these individuals are expected to shift from one project to another project and from one topic to another topic in sort span to time (Cascio, 2003). Out of all these the most difficult job for a human resource development manager is handling works such as understaffing, firing employees, reprimanding employees who are irresponsible, maintenance of ethical structure, giving information about non-existent or small bonuses to the employees etc (Gomez -Mejia, Balkin and Cardy, 2006). These tasks are very difficult to handle as the human resource department is expect to support employees all the time. Many times Human resource team are hated or feared for tasks such as these and it becomes very difficult to coordinate with them. The present case deals with evaluating the necessity of HR function in an organisation. According to the operations manager in the case study, there is no need of any HR department in the organisation. However, absence of HR function might result in different lapses and miss-handling of the overall human capital. Thus, it can be said that a full time HR manager is important for the organisation. An HR manager not only performs core human resource functions but also provides added value to the

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