Monday, July 29, 2019

Locking employees into a box you lose thire ablity to become leaders Essay

Locking employees into a box you lose thire ablity to become leaders - Essay Example There is a tendency towards poor performance from workers burdened with negativity (Evans, 2009). Being ridiculed by other members with poor attitudes worsens the situation. It is difficult to work with an ill tempered team member, slowing down processes and results. On the other hand, positively motivated people put more concentration into work resulting in better service and product delivery. Research has shown that workers’ attitudes, moods and emotions determine their levels of job satisfaction. The study found that affective work behaviors and job satisfaction can be explained by employees’ moods and emotions (Wegge et al, 2006). A high level of job satisfaction equals positive attitudes to the job. Employee attitudes and job satisfaction match each other. People who are satisfied with what they do tend to stay longer and unnecessary turnover is avoided. An employer who rewards and encourages positive attributes from employees gains by retaining productive employees. The study also indicated that health complaints were linked to both emotions and job satisfaction to the equivalent degree. A well motivated workforce is, therefore, likely to have less health complications, hence, putting more time into productive work (Wegge et al, 2006). The amount of negative affect experienced at work frequently leads to withdrawal from duty, absenteeism, malicious dama ge and early exit. Therefore, emotions, personalities, attitudes and moods will have both positive and negative effects on a company. The direction it takes will depend on how individuals manage themselves and handle their colleagues. A company can reflect the Benedictine values of responsible stewardship by proactively including departmental employees in planning the day. This will develop the worth of the departmental workload. Employees also get to have a forecast of challenges in advance and prepare to handle them with

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