Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Research Brief Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Research Brief - Essay Example The types of HRD interventions are classified into individual based, group based and inter group based interventions. The individual based interventions involve counseling, coaching, motivation and mentoring etc. the group based interventions involve group facilitation, virtual teams, conflict management and many others while the inter group based interventions involve third party peacemaking interventions as well as organization mirroring. The main focus is implied on the techno structural intervention. This deals with the restructuring of the entire organization. This restructuring is done with the area of the workload of the total organization by dividing it into several subunits in order for the effectual completion of the tasks. This restructuring can be done on certain major factors which include organization size, technology, worldwide operation, and environment and organization strategy (Sandhu.G et al, 2012). One of the most vital parts of the techno structural intervention is considered to the employee involvement which can be defined as the foundation of skills, power, information, knowledge and finally reward. One of the concluding modules of HRD interventions includes the work design. The work design involves not only the scientific management but also the motivational approach. The involvement of the employees in the process of organizational development is of core importance (Gamerdinger.1997). Without the part played by the employees in the interventions, success is never guaranteed. The impact of the employee involvement on the types of interventions can be made effective by providing them with several learning styles and processes which makes it able to enhance the positive outcome from the employees. Alongside the advantages that the implication of HRD interventions holds, there are certain challenges impacting the professional practice of HRD. These challenges not only affect the HRD

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