Friday, August 9, 2019

Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Journal - Essay Example We also learnt about the audience of the story. The people who read stories and listen to stories are the audience. We learnt that good compositions are about things that the audience knows. Week Three During this week, I learnt about analysis. Analysis is looking for facts and issues that are presented in the composition. Analyses are important because they help us to understand the issues that the composition is writing about. This lesson was important because it helped me to get good skills of analyzing compositions and other writing in English. Week Four This week was important because I was tested on the skills of how to analyze something that I had read. It was an important week in the classroom. In this week I was able to write a paper from the article called â€Å"The Responsibility of Intellectuals, Redux.† I was interested in this article because I read it and understood what it was about. It was the first assignment of analyzing an article that was written in Englis h language. I was an important test which helped me to sharpen my analytical skills. During this week, I gained skills of analysis and summary. I was able to read articles written in English and then summarize them in my own words. It was an important task that helped my process of learning, reading, and writing. Week Five This week was important because I was taught about ethos, logos, and pathos. ... Ethos are the symbols which writers use when they want to explain something in their writing. Pathos are the things that writers use to convince the readers. Pathos use emotions to make meaning out of the various issues that writers use in their writings and articles. Many times, the use of these ethos and logos are brought about through articles and stories. I also learnt about logos. Logos are used when writers want to use facts and logic in in their articles and other writings. These week helped me to understand the way different writers use different methods for making meaning from various sources. I can also use ethos, logos and pathos to write stories and make meaning from them. Week Six During this week, I was able to learn about poetry. We learnt about poems and the way of reading and writing poems. We were taught the way the language used in poetry is different from the language that is used in other forms of writing. Usually, the writing process is important because it help s people to understand the use of language very well. I was able to write some poems and to read others. I was also able to analyze some poems that are generally brought within the element of writing. Week Seven During this week I was able to try and write about the things that I was taught in class. It was a week that helped me to practice my new skills. Week Eight This week was important because it helped me to understand poetry and the styles used in writing of poems. I was able to read about tone by looking at the words that were used in writing of the poem. I have developed the skills of writing about the things used in poems in ways that are creative and which respond to the challenges of everyday life. Week Nine During this week I was now able to practice

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