Sunday, August 18, 2019

How Democratic Is the American Constitution? Essay -- Book Reviews Rob

Robert Dahl's book How Democratic is the American Constitution, reminds us that the American Constitution wasn't the only possible base for a democratic system in America. In this book Dahl explains some of the democratic and undemocratic aspects of the American constitution. He also explains what should be changed to improve it. In chapter 2, Dahl begins explaining about the Framers of the constitution who had the task of basically creating a new government that combated all of the problems of the new United States of America. The Framers desperately needed to gather knowledge on how to go about creating a new society but, there was very little information that would help them. Dahl then listed a few events in history that if the Framers knew about it would have significantly changed the way the constitution was created. First, there was a peaceful democratic revolution which altered the way the constitutional system would work. Second, during this revolution new political institutions would be created, this would significantly alter the way the Framers setup their framework of...

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