Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Extreme sports Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Extreme sports - Essay Example The public perceives that individuals who take part in such sports are not only irresponsible but also burdensome to the society. Despite the fact that extreme sports being unappealing to the public, there are a significant section that find these activities as fulfilling in their lives. It therefore, indicates the difference and diversity of the society since to some degree every individuals has some degree of adventure though this tends to differ since some require extreme adventure for fulfillment. Some these individuals are referred to as T types who are often stimulated by hazardous activities. However, the T type individuals go beyond those who participate in extreme sports as it encompasses the best entrepreneurs and inventors among other who have influence the progress of the society to a considerable extent (Mountain, 2006). Unfortunately, the T type behaviors are prevalent to poor social habits such as drug abuse, gambling et cetera. However, the dangers of these are increasingly becoming a challenge that need to be addressed. Several participants have sustained serious life threatening injuries and on some occasion these activities have caused death of individuals. It is strange to believe that organizers and sponsors of such sports and activities invite participant to participant in these events by luring them with cash without taking interest in either the safety or the health of the participants (Pell, 2013). Pell, D (2013). The Crash Reel. Dir. Lucy Walker.   HBO Documentaries. 2013. Documentary. The History of Winter X Games: Part 1.  Snowboard Magazine. Retrieved on 19th May 2015 from: Mountain, B (2006). Living on the Edge: Extreme Sports and their Role in Society. Retrieved on 19th May 2015 from:

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