Sunday, August 11, 2019

Field Interview Paper about Correctional Institution Guard Essay

Field Interview Paper about Correctional Institution Guard - Essay Example I would put together group activities like partnering teams up to create, design, implement, and display their project after observing it for a week in nature so the detainees can get fresh air and spend some one on one time with each other. They would be paired in groups that I felt would benefit one another from previous observation, and then I would have them display and explain the project. Softball would be good for their souls that shows real fun within a simple game where they can show gratitude, work as a team, cut up, be loud, where I could watch and the youngsters get exercise frequently. Since I would want to work with 13 to 17 year old juveniles would take the juvenile approach because it consists of talking openly about the crimes they have committed and taking blame because a lot of people who commit crimes are ate up with guilt. When that guilt builds up and is not let out in the open, and then it can drive someone insane, cause them to inflict pain on themselves, hurt or kill others or themselves. In this process I would keep a Your last name ii journal of notes on each day with each detainee and their actions, participations, and outcomes or improvements were there problems. This attempt would be to discuss the facilities statistics and their age and crime rates, the life of inmates who are in for good or on death row. This can bring reality in the discussion, like an eye opener and time for these individuals to think back to their own crime(s) because that is an attempt for them to talk. I would have an open discussion about the guidelines of healing and integrity including the group’s opinions and comments and talk about how crime does not affect just the victim but both sides’ families, their reputation, and where they stand or feel and are they ashamed. Taking responsibility for actions, how to fix anything, acceptance, apologies, a written apology to the other family, whether sent or not but to get their feelings out, but ask them to do this later to discuss at the next meeting. I would also leave on a positive note with maybe everyone going around the room stating their favorite music and why. There is a sport that I can see myself doing up in middle aged and elderly years, and that would definitely have to get in to bowling, even order personalized balls and shoes, because I have never had either the money, sitter, or time and that would be a good time in life to take part in it especially with my husband who enjoys the sport, too. I know if my husband and I walk every other day, and are still able to get up and use a 8 to 12 pound ball like we always have because it is a safe, fun, and happy interactive sport that is fun to play with all members of the family, groups of friends, as a caregiver who is overseeing different age levels of people regardless of whether they are handicapped, afterschool, summer camp, or just a day camp. In bowling, just like for any other people who have hobbies and things people enjoy, it is easy to get in to and find out through others and sponsors who may help pay for you to create your own Your last name iii or even become a member of a group, association, or team member, and have certain nights of the week where you go and have some time to yourself because everyone

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